28 June, 2015

Why I don't think Red Queen is that special anymore?

The recently released and very highly loved Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard has been not just yours but one of my favorites too. More precise, it was till yesterday. You may ask why? It is very simple. I have heard people saying that the Red Queen is not as original as everybody thinks but all these comparisons to Hunger Games and Divergent...I did not buy it. For me almost every ya book for last few years is similar to Hunger Games and Divergent. It is just the thing about books, if you read many you will definitely see similarities in them. It is just how it is and you cannot escape it.



Yesterday I ran upstairs like a little kid when I heard the postman ring our door bell. I received my very own physical copy of Shadow and Bone, the first book of Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo! And my oh my I love this book so much! 

 The thing about Grisha books, I am only halfway done with the first one but I can already say it is a mirror copy of the Red Queen. The only difference is that Shadow and Bone was released in 2012 and Red Queen in 2015. So my question now is, is the Red Queen really that unique? No, hundred times no. I love Red Queen but I have a mixed feelings towards it now. Plus, I love the Grisha more. It is just even after reading Red Queen....just purely better. 

So I leave it up to you to make a final opinion on wheather Red Queen is that unique and worth all the fuss or is it just another good book? 

For me, Grisha is just great. I am buying second and third book tomorrow and I am absolutely sure I will love this trilogy for the rest of my life. 

Verdict based on purely my opinion: I love the Red Queen very much but now I just prefer Grisha.