14 August, 2015

It is here! It is finally in my bed!

So other day I did something wicked. I ordered the hardcover book that I absolutely love from the first sight! You know how many authors I adore and how many books I find brilliant but there is one book I have seen last year because of it's cover and wanted ever since. I got around ebook in Spring and was so so amazed by it. However, I have a rule of not buying hard covers as they expensive and well I can get two paperbacks for that price. 

On Wednesday that rule was broken. I just could not have a paperback of this book. I needed the hardcover. Today my hardcover arrived...with a surprise!

Today while still in bed my boyfriend brought me book packages from upstairs. And one of them had it...my very own hardcover of A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray!

It is just so so perfect! I love the cover endlessly and the story...especially the part in Russia. It is like everything I ever wanted in the book! 

But it was not all!

This is what I found inside!

YES YES YES! It is as real as you and me, not a sticker not a print out! It is a real signature of Claudia Gray! I cannot believe I own a signed hardcover of the most perfect book ever!

I just might about sleep with this book instead of teddybear! Today is second Christmas to me!

Have you read A Thousand Pieces of You?