You know me as HannahCassie and I live in Germany.
I am doing my Masters in Genetics right now and so I spend most of my day in the genetics lab doing crazy things.
That's what I do during the day. At night I read. Or film Booktube videos. 
Sometimes I also sleep.
I also have uncontrollable need to buy books.
 And I have no idea what I want to do in the future.
But one thing is sure
I love books I love reading and I love sharing!

Hey there, I am Laura! currently living in Wales, UK.
This year I'll be doing my master thesis about ASD. Very interesting! I'll try to read as much as I possibly can because I love reading but stress is not worth it so I'll have to find a balance.

I want to be a neuroscientist and also study dance science
as an extra just because I love dance and science.
I take classes in contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, and my favorite: ballet
Perfect fit.

Hi all I’m Martyna.
Currently I am living under the Lithuanian sky!
Unlike HannahCassie or Laura I’m already done with my studies (I have bachelor in English philology and a master’s degree in communication and marketing), so I already entered the adult world (not that fun). 
I really love theater. I belong to a theater company called MINIMUM for almost 5 years now.
 I also love cinema and of course reading! I’m also pretending to be a writer and have been fiddling with few projects myself for some time. Hope I’ll finish it eventually. 

That’s that and please enjoy the blog, I’m sure you’ll find everything you want here!